Ear correction surgery, also known as Otoplasty, Ear Pinning and Bat Ear correction surgery, is one of the safest cosmetic procedures there is, with great, life long results. It refines the size, the shape and the position of the ear, moves prominent or protruding ears closer to the head and reduces the size of large ears. An Otoplasty procedure can also help individuals who have sustained an injury to the ear, which could include animal bites, lacerations and accidents which result in torn earlobes.

Patients who undergo this procedure are extremely happy with the results, it frees them from the undue attention, providing a natural, proportionate and symmetrical appearance.


A successful Otoplasty can be surprisingly complex. Changing the shape of one area, causes changes in the shape of surrounding areas so in order to be successful, each maneuver must complement each other. Maneuvers include such things as cartilage scoring, excision, and cartilage stitches. A careful interplay of all of these techniques will produce the desired result. Since each individual is unique, the exact surgical plan can not be determined until a full examination of the ear is completed.


There is relatively little recovery time associated with an Otoplasty. A tight, compressive head and ear bandage is applied straight after the surgery and has to be worn for 1 full week. There will normally be some bruising and mild swelling, but that doesn't normally last much longer than a week. After the first week the bandage can be removed during the day, but we encourage you to wear it as much as possible. Strenuous activity, such as running and heavy lifting, should be avoided for at least one month to allow the delicate structures of the ear to heal in their new position.



Procedure Name:

Ear Correction / Otoplasty

Time Required:

1-2 Hours




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