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Blepharoplasty, or, Eyelid Surgery, is used to remove the fat deposits and loose skin that forms on the upper or lower eyelids with age. The excess skin and bulging which occurs, because of age and gravity, causes eyes, and by extension the rest of the face, to look tired. The wrinkles that develop during the natural aging process make the skin around the eyes to become less elastic. Occasionally this can happen at an early age. It is usually easy to correct through a Blepharoplasty procedure. A blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both depending on the need. The right procedure or combination of procedures can only be determined by a careful examination done during the consultation.

Excess skin around the eyelids can make it difficult to keep your eyes open. This excess skin may cause the eyelids to droop, giving a sleepy or disinterested appearance. In severe cases, your upper field of vision may be partially blocked. This may cause brow aches and fatigue. If you are having these symptoms, or simply do not like the way your eyelids appear, you may be a candidate for a blepharoplasty.

What to expect during Eyelid Surgery

During the procedure, the surgeon will mark the areas of the eyelid requiring attention. Excess skin or fat may be removed to improve the appearance and function of the eyelids. In some cases, the muscles controlling the eyelids may be modified to help them function properly.

Preparing For Your Operation

Products that contain Aspirin, Vitamin E, or Evening Primrose oil should be avoided for three weeks before surgery. Alcoholic drinks should be avoided before surgery. You must wash your hair the day before the operation and make up must be thoroughly removed. You must fast (neither eat or drink) for 6 hours before the operation.

Important to note:

Patients should not smoke for at least 2 weeks before surgery and for a few days after surgery. Smoking interferes with the circulation of blood to the skin. If the patient tints, dyes or bleaches his or her hair, this should be done no later than one week before surgery.




Procedure Name:


Time Required:

1/2-2 Hours




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