Dr FG MILLET graduated from the Medical University of Paris in 1987 and achieved his Residency in General and Gynaecology surgery in Paris in 1992. He then went into Private Practice in the Paris area and developed procedures in breast and silhouette surgery in both Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, with the development of oncoplasties and reconstruction surgery after breast cancer, and the morpholiposculpture and silhouette surgery repairs after pregnancies and massive weight loss as the demand for cosmetics grew. Dr Millet has been working in Cosmetic surgery since 2000 and is a graduate from the French Society of Cosmetic Surgery. He also has Diplomas from Lille and Barcelona in cosmetic medicine and surgeries.

Dr Millet also has certification for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and Design Laser Vaginal procedures at the LVRI of Los Angeles directed by Dr David Matlock ,a world renowned and recognised expert in this field. He graduated in Plastic Reconstructive and Esthetic surgery in 2008. He is one of the few practitioners to be fully qualified in varying major specialities such as general surgery, Gynaecology obstetrics, and plastics.

Since 2008 he works as lead consultant in Plastic surgery in several general and gynaecology surgeries departments in Paris area hospitals developing various activities in repair surgeries after female genital mutilations, fat transfer to face, breast, muscles and buttocks, advance liposculpture ( VHD) and cosmetic medicine. He participates in and has been invited to deliver several cosmetics and plastics lectures as well as teaching to, diploma level, anatomy and surgical techniques to other specialists.

He developed his professional activities both in Europe and Asia .

He is also personally trained by Dr David Matlock for Advanced Vaser & Surgical Body Building Techniques