Dr Tadeo practices most cosmetic surgery under light anesthesia, ie local anesthesia associated with analgesia, performed by a trained anesthetist (no perception of pain or the operation itself). The duration of hospitalization is reduced, and increased patient comfort. Regular monitoring is carried out for 6 months.

According to Dr Taedo

Cosmetic surgery combines art and science. It provides better be patient surgery. The result of a procedure you might can have a very positive effect on your image and therefore give you more confidence in yourself.
The consultation allows an exchange of views with patients and an analysis of their wishes in relation to current technical possibilities.

Dr Taedo has also been

– Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris
– Former Chief of Clinical Surgery at the Faculty
– Assistant des Hôpitaux de Paris
– A former student of Professor Ivo PITANGUY (Rio)
– A former student of Dr. Paul Tessier (Paris)
– Competence in plastic surgery since 1985
– Specialist in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery