Dr. Athanasios Athanasiou graduated from Medical School in 1996. Following his core studies he served as a doctor at 406 Military General Hospital.
He completed his residency in Plastic Surgery at Agios Savvas Hospital of Athens and also served as a house officer in London’s Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.
He gathered extensive experience in the field of reconstructive surgery, especially in the field of microsurgical reconstruction of head and neck defects as well as breast reconstruction.
In 2006 he completed his doctorate on “skin wound healing with the aid of pulsed electromagnetic fields”; an original study of which the results were published in eminent foreign journals such as Bioelectromagnetics (JJPRD).

Dr. Athanasiou and his team at the University of Ioannina continue to study the applications of these fields in various experiments carried out to this day.
After receiving his specialty certification he undertook a paid position in a large private clinic in London, the London Clinic, where he gathered significant experience mainly in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, working with renowned plastic surgeons of London.

Dr. Athanasiou has published papers in several established international and Greek scientific journals and has given many lectures in national and international medical conferences.
He greatly believes in the co-operation between doctors of different specialties while his core philosophy is that aesthetics and beauty in general are an organized combination of mental and body characteristics, not separate elements of a person’s appearance.

Dr Athanasiou exclusively performs the following procedures at our London Office

He is also personally trained by Dr David Matlock for Advanced Vaser & Surgical Body Building Techniques