Dr Matlock

World Famous LVR, AVSBB Surgeon

Intra-Operativre Ultrasound Guided Autologous Fat Transfer to the Biceps and Triceps

The philosophy at our Advanced Vaser and Surgical Bodybuilding Institute is clear. The mark of innovation not only begins with an idea but also with a proven record of results to substantiate what begins as a theory. The use of autologous fat derived from a liposuction procedure was hypothesized as being able to increase muscle mass if injected into a host muscle group. The theory of ultrasound guided subfascial muscle injection of autologous fat to effect muscle change is an exciting and new way to achieve lasting muscle growth and perhaps even muscle strength. For decades, the use of anabolic steroids and other growth enhancing derivatives have focused on the ability to cause hypertrophy of muscle tissue. We are now not merely confined to the limited domain of hypertrophy. We now have the ability to enter the elusive realm of myocyte hyperplasia.

Dr. Millet

Personally trained by Dr Matlock

  • VHD Liposculpturing of the Abdominal Rectus Muscles (ABS)

    The only place in London to get rock hard, chiseled ABS in 2 & ½ hours is with Drs. Matlock and other surgeons. They have special training in VASER Hi Def techniques that enables them to give you that chiseled athletic look you want. We know ABS! If you want that Leonidas Look in the movie 300, call us.

  • VHD Liposculpturing of the Pectoral Muscles (PECS)

    Fat and PECS DON’T go together. If you can pinch more than ½ a cm over or on the side of the PEC then you have too much fat that will hide the true structure of your PECS. With VHD Lipo we can sculpt out the true muscular farm of the PECS. We know PECS!

  • VHD Liposculpturing of the Latissimus Dorsi Muscles (LATS)

    The LATS create that V cut that everyone wants but fat hides the underlying musculature. With our advanced VHD Lipo techniques we can not only reduce the overlying fat but define the muscle borders to make them pop out and accentuate. VHD Lipo also tightens the skin so that it can shrink wrap back down over the new VASER Hi Def body. There is no substitute!

  • VHD Liposculpturing of the Obliques

    The torso is not complete without a great set of obliques. The obliques could be tough to develop naturally but with VHD Lipo the structure of the obliques can be defined and enhanced to give you that overall ripped look.

  • VHD Liposculpturing of the Serratus Muscles

    To have defined serratus muscles you are really getting hard core. They also can be quit difficult to develop and define naturally but with VHD Lipo it is possible. Sometimes years in the gym can’t accomplish what we can do in a day in the operating room with VHD Lipo. You owe it to yourself to perfect what you have.

  • VHD Liposculpturing with PEC augmentation via fat transfer

    Everyone would like to have those hard popping of steel but sometimes no amount of bench presses, supplements or protein drinks can produce the result you want. But with our VHD techniques you can achieve natural hard pumped PECS with autologous (your own fat) fat transfer to the PECS. The fat is dispersed throughout the muscle and produces natural result.

  • VHD Liposculpturing of the Female Body

    VHD Lipo is not just for guys. Women who what to have that tight toned “cover girl” athletic look turn to VHD Lipo.

  • VHD Liposculpturing of the Female Body with Brazilian Butt Augmentation

    It doesn’t get any better than a female with a toned athletic body and a hot Brazilian Butt to top it all off. Our Brazilian Butt Augmentations are natural and 98% of women who comet to us for liposculpturing have our Brazilian Butt Augmentation.

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Procedure Name:

Advanced Vaser And Surgical Body Building

Time Required:

1-2 Hours




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